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China Gourmet Takeout is a moderately priced casual Asian restaurant located in the Cabbagetown area of Downtown Toronto.
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Dan Josselyn-Creighton does not recommend China Gourmet Takeout

I ordered from them to have food delivered, and they said under an hour. An hour went by...no food. I called after about an hour and ten minutes and was told the driver was almost there. An hour and a half go by and still no food. I call again and say where is my food? They said "it's on it's way", and I said "that's what you told me twenty minutes ago, it's been an hour and a half since I ordered and I was told it would be UNDER an hour, and twenty minutes ago I was told it would be there soon and it's still not." They asked me to wait and then came back and said it would be another 15 minutes, after twice lying to me about the driver being close. I asked if the order would be free, and was not given a response, just silence. I asked again and was told no. I was not even offered a discount. Another 20 minutes go by and finally the driver arrives with the food, nearly TWO HOURS after it was ordered. I was originally told under an hour, then was told three times that it was either close or 15 minutes away and they never met ANY of those estimates. When the food arrived I said this was the longest I have ever waited for food in my life and that it better be free. It was not free. I paid and said they would never get my business again. It wasn't just that it was horrifically slow, it's that I was lied to multiple times and told the driver was close when he had clearly not even left yet, and then after all that I was not only NOT offered a free meal, I was not even offered a discount AT ALL. This was the single worst delivery experience of my life and I will not go back without an apology and some offer of a deal for our troubles. And I will keep writing negative reviews from as many sites as I can find until they either do the right thing or go out of business. I was bitterly disappointed, I was angry and I was deeply insulted. Worst delivery experience I have had in 40 years.
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