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This, the Leslieville favourite with the giant papier mâché nose announcing its exterior, lays legitimate claim to a range of culinary specialties. Comfy Italian tapas with modern touches is the highlight, though, demonstrated with small-plate servings of meatballs, gnocchi and ossobucco. There’s lots for vegetarians here, like a to-die-for butternut squash crepe and delicate caprese salad. The fish offerings at Gio’s are inventive. And for the most carnivorous of appetites, try the involtini, an epic innovation that sees a fist of pulled pork nestled gloriously inside a steak wrapper. Service is prompt and well timed, and the place is dependably cheerful, busy and buzzing.

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Pamela Fenton Profile Picture
By Pamela Fenton

Pamela Fenton made a comment about Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant

Love the "Nose".
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Jannette Kollhosser Juneau Profile Picture
By Jannette Kollho...

Jannette Kollhosser Juneau made a comment about Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant

I love this restaurant, I wish they would consider a 2nd location at Yonge/Bloor area. There's 2 vacant locations, both prior restaurants, hint hint. Alot of high density bldgs that eat out, but in need of a good restaurant. I love everything at Gios, however I must have the buttnernut squash ravioli, I dream about those soft billowy pillows of delight.
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Mike Mojorisun Profile Picture
By Mike Mojorisun

Mike Mojorisun made a comment about Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant

My girlfriend wanted me to surprise her with something for her birthday. After reading so many positive reviews, this was the place I chose (first visit for both of us). I called to make reservations for a Wednesday @ 7:30pm. They said they don't take reservations for groups under 6, but being a Wednesday, we shouldn't have a problem. As things go, we arrived just before 9pm. Though very busy, we did not have to wait for a table. A nice start, and made good on their promise. As we were sitting down, my gf was looking around, and commented "they are so on-the-ball here!". Our Server, Emily, was extremely pleasant and patient. We said it was our first time, so she explained in detail the menu, the structure, and answered all of our questions. We ordered the Risotto and Gnocchi, Roast Tenderloin and Involtini (pulled pork/ribeye/goat cheese), with Fingerling Potatoes and Sweet Potato Mash.The Risotto came first. When finished that, the Gnocchi came. This sequence was perfect, as even though we didn't specify it, Emily knew we were sharing the appetizers. The Tenderloin and Involtini came after as our mains, along with our Fingerlings and Mashed. The Fingerlings and Mashed were at each end of one long, canoe shaped dish, which was placed between us. A very romantic touch! The meal was incredible (the Involtini made my eyes roll back in my head), the service was outstanding, and the price was worth it!
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Graeme Rivers Profile Picture
By Graeme Rivers

Graeme Rivers made a comment about Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant

love this place, have been 4 times now!
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Emily Heung Profile Picture
By Emily Heung

Emily Heung made a comment about Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant

Delicious meal tonight...everything was amazing...thanks for the shooters Gary and Zack! Thanks for dinner Ange Schmange and Diane Mo!
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