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17A Yorkville Ave.
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IZBA Restaurant is a moderately priced cozy Polish restaurant located by The Queensway and Royal York Rd in the Etobicoke area of West Toronto. IZBA specializes in Polish cuisine and features group functions, private dining, lunch in a casual atmosphere
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Review: Big taste, big portions

By Marty Galin, reviewed on October 04, 2005
Sometimes when I feel I want to go home for that home cooked meal, I have one destination in my mind - the world famous IZBA Restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Izba and their son Bart run this gem of a restaurant. It is actually like visiting your aunt Martha for a good old fashioned...
Sometimes when I feel I want to go home for that home cooked meal, I have one destination in my mind - the world famous IZBA Restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Izba and their son Bart run this gem of a restaurant. It is actually like visiting your aunt Martha for a good old fashioned country Sunday dinner.

The menu is simple and everything is cooked with love. Believe it or not, the Vienna Schnitzel is $7.95, and we are talking "heaping" and "delicious".

Pierogies are all made by hand and each one has a distinct taste of its own. The cheese and potato pierogies are moist and tender, and each bite is pure pleasure. In between courses Mrs. Izba is an accomplished piano player. There are three pianos for her to choose from. She also is a master at the violin.

The place is decorated with things the family loves. On the walls and from the ceiling, Poland is alive and well at Izba. Generation after generation have had a love affair with the Izbas. Complete meals are less than ten dollars.

The taste and the huge portions will bring you back again. If you are looking for "Fillet of Sole" or "Beef or Chicken Goulash", look no further. Lovers of cabbage rolls will not stop smiling here. If you can't make it home tonight or tomorrow, come to Izba; they will hug your soul and your pallet.
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Anthony Walker recommends IZBA Restaurant

I would like to add my own review based upon personal experience from my time at the restaurant. I worked at Izba restaurant on and off for six years, and now work as a teacher in Paris. I would like to say that I have gotten to know the owner very well in my time at the restaurant, and he truly means well in serving everyone who comes through those doors. You do not get through 36 years in the restaurant business without having a passion and love for cooking and serving others, and that is what the owner of Izba Restaurant has plenty of. The food itself is really quite good and I think anyone who comes for the special pork schnitzel will walk away very delighted and pleased. If you would like to venture away from pork, then the chicken schnitzel, while not as a big of a seller may actually be a bigger hit with customers when they order it. With either schnitzel order comes a generous portion of roasted potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. The borsch, goulash soup, cabbage rolls are all homemade, and will compliment a schnitzel meal wonderfully. I know that I have only really positive things to say, but that is because ultimately I really enjoyed my time working at the restaurant, and always find myself when I am back in the city going back to catch up with the owner, and it is a pleasure to find that after all of these years that Izba Restaurant stays open and does a great job serving the community of Etobicoke.
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Vic Tee does not recommend IZBA Restaurant

****DO NOT EAT HERE***** I have a hard time believing Izba is still around. They must be paying off the health inspector or just really good at hiding the truth. Also any self respecting European should know this is NOT European or polish fare. How people could actually enjoy the food here I'm astonished, they must be fooled by the beautiful decor of the restaurant but what you see is not what you get...I worked here years ago but quit because morally I couldn't work there any longer. First off the owner isn't Polish, his wife who passed away was Polish & he pretends to be he is actually Arabic. The owner Mark, who's real name is Mohammad does really shady things breaking multiple health&safety codes. He saves half eaten food such as salads and half eaten cabbage rolls & serves it to other customers so DISGUSTING !!! Also the cabbage rolls are made in advance in bulk & sit in the freezer for a loooong time. Nothing is fresh there, the perogie in fact aren't homemade, he buys them from no frills & they are the no name perogie. He buys his "homemade cheesecake" from Costco & most of the soups are from a can. Also another GROSS thing he does....saves people's USED NAPKINS to Pat the grease off the schnitzels how disgusting !!!He Also lies about the schnitzels , he says you can get veal, pork, or chicken when in reality pork and chicken are the only options. so if you think you ordered veal nope that was pork ! And he barely put any meat it's an incredibly thin sheet of meat with thick breading. Also he keeps the tips and does not give them to the servers which is illegal and he hires immigrants who don't know any better so he can get away with treating them like shit. Also he is a perverted old man so watch out if you're a young girl working there..he will hit on you & make offers to go upstairs to his home to "clean" when that's really not the case let's just say he enjoys the company of prostitues..Everything about this place is horrible stay far away !!!
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Well, the food is nice, no doubting that. I would have liked if the service was better and they had made it quick. Almost the entire time, I was hoping the waiter does not mess things up. Full points to them for the food but they seriously need to overhaul the way they serve. Oh and by the way, the decor is truly breathtaking. Time will tell if I will be here again.
Posted on September 9, 2015
Big portions served well. The food is hot and very delicious. Hygiene is a very important aspect which is very well taken care of. Their chicken and fish dishes, particularly the salmon, are sumptuous.
Posted on August 20, 2015
Delicious food, excellent service, the atmosphere would overwhelm you too much. I ate last month with the family under $100. We had ordered the soup, pasta, potato pancake, hummus, chicken, salmon, and cheesecake. The staff is very attentive and helps you in every way possible. If not for anything else, IZBA stands for its food. Highly recommended.
Posted on August 13, 2015

Neil Schweinsteiger recommends IZBA Restaurant

The salmon was fresh and tasty, pasta was delicious, the Caesar salad was great. Didn't get a chance to eat the dessert due to my physical incapability, but I guess it must have been wonderful too. I wish to visit sometime soon. The ambiance, setting is class. Service was a little underwhelming though.
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Ideal place for dining out with the family, this is a rare combination of good food, great ambiance and excellent service. We went last week and truth be told, we were totally mesmerized by everything.
Posted on July 16, 2015
We three friends went on an evening for a casual dinner. Had coleslaw salad with chicken, ordered salmon and a few desserts as we had a girl amongst us. Food was nice, served hot and it was a little spicy that I had to drink lots of water. I, very much recommend IZBA. Will go soon and see how the lunch is.
Posted on June 15, 2015
We spent about $75 for our visit to IZBA last month. The wife and the kid enjoyed pretty much. The dessert was terrific, salad was ordinary, meatballs was great, chicken breast filet and catch of the day was very delicious. The decor complemented the food well and it was a purely aesthetic pleasure. We're planning to eat here again at my son's birthday in three months.
Posted on June 4, 2015
IZBA is a very famous restaurant in this locality, mainly because of its 'ancient' presence. I've visited a few times and my experience has ranged from great to underwhelming to excellent and so on. Dining out here is a different experience altogether. I've always liked their meat and fish entrée and their variety of salads, not a fan of the desserts and soups. Great ambiance, average service, excellent food is what it stands for.
Posted on May 21, 2015
Not a bad place to visit when you're just by yourself and trying to kill time. It checks all the boxes for me. To be brutally honest, I was a little underwhelmed initially, but the food, atmosphere, and luckily for me, the weather made up for it. Food is definitely a life saver, especially the chicken filet. The dessert and beverages were good as well.
Posted on May 15, 2015
A regular to this place for a few years now. Delicious food, friendly staff, well maintained and hygienic atmosphere makes it one of the best places to eat out in the neighborhood.
Posted on April 16, 2015
A storybook setting, delicious food, above average service. Schnitzel-Peirogi with coleslaw was awesome
Posted on April 8, 2015

Florian Adamson recommends IZBA Restaurant

It was a late dinner after work, and went there tired after a very busy day. The environment at this place made me forget that toiling day. The service was good if not impeccable. The food tasted good, considering that I could have gulped down a horse. I particularly liked the pasta but also had Goulash soup, meatballs, Vienna schnitzel. So, bottomline: Good food at reasonable price, nice atmosphere, and cordial staff. Will I go again? Definitely.
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Friedrich benson recommends IZBA Restaurant

Went with a friend to this cozy Polish restaurant on the Queensway. The decor was very homely, clean surroundings and pleasant staff. The served food was magnificent. There were a few families with one apparently enjoying themselves over a birthday party. We ordered some beet soup with cabbage, Souvlaki, Chicken Schnitzel, Greek salad. Decent sized portions. The stunning outside view made our visit even more enjoyable. The dinner ambiance comes highly recommended. Definitely recommend this place. Looking forward to a repeat experience.
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