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1596 The Queensway
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Jamaica House is a moderately priced casual Jamaican restaurant located in the Downsview area of North Toronto.
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Eastmetro Troy does not recommend Jamaica House

A good friend of my mine was hyping up this place for their curry goat. Last week I went to see what it was all about, but they were having work done on their vent hoods. I found it odd there was no sign up or that nobody working in there came out and say "Sorry no food today." Since I am one who believes in 2nd chances I decided to do back today, and I brought a friend. "My friend says they make the best curry goat." She was familiar and says she orders a tray of their fried chicken annually for a party that she hosts. The feat in that restaurant actually lived up to the name JAMAICA HOUSE, I felt as if I was visiting a house in Country with no A/C. We opted to eat in the car. After the first bite I knew something wasn't right. We continued but realized this food is trash. I went back into the establishment to explain that we were dissatisfied, we were told that they do not accept food taken out of the restaurant. The person who dished the food kissed his teeth and fanned me off TWICE. They gave me the number of the owner/manager but that was no use to me and I threw that away. We ended up leaving the bland goat on their counter. I will not support this establishment or recommend that anyone try that food again. I hope my friend finds another place to order her chicken from too! I believe in 2nd chances not thirds!
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