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One Restaurant (Hazelton Hotel) is a upscale upscale European restaurant located by Yorkville Ave and Avenue Rd in the Yorkville area of Downtown Toronto. One specializes in European cuisine and features a patio, fine dining, catering, private dining in a dressy casual atmosphere
One Restaurant (Hazelton Hotel) is also wheelchair accessible
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I was considering giving ONE a rating of 1 but that wouldn't be fair. Two is what it deserved so that is what I gave it. The chicken taco was the highlight of the meal, but given it was an appetizer, that isn't the best thing to feel at the end of eating an expensive dinner. The lobster spoons were just ok. I expected more. My sister had the octopus and she didn't like it. On to the main entrees. Two of us had steak and it was good but for that hefty price it should be. We didn't buy it being 20 oz bone-in rib eye. It didn't look anywhere near that size. The side dishes were mixed. Bok Choy wasn't great, chived potatoes were fine as were the mushrooms. Desserts were again fine but not great. You get a thin slice of cheese cake. The bill for the 4 of us came out to approximately $500 and that is with no alcohol. Now I am going to get to the part of the evening that totally ruined anything good we felt from the evening. We looked closely at the bill since it was the highest we ever spent and we saw an error. The items didn't add up to the total. I checked and later 2 other members of my party checked. It didn't add up. We were upset that they are having bills that don't add up. We told the waitress and eventually the manager came over. He said some lame excuse about one of our items not being on the bill but yet was in the total. Made no sense why it didn't show up listed in the items. He offered us NOTHING. We felt that was wrong so he gave us a whole $6 off the bill. Yes, I mean SIX dollars. He wouldn't budge on the amount. Finally he said he would throw in some cookies and cheese cake. He ended up putting in cookies that don't look great and none of us ordered cookies for dessert, as he knew. He threw in one slice of the cheese cake for ruining it for 4 people. We let him know we weren't happy with his resolution and he didn't care. Go to ONE if you want one helluva lousy experience.
Posted on June 21, 2016
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