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Paralia is no longer in business.
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Paralia is a premium casual Greek restaurant
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Julia A does not recommend Paralia

HOST OUTRIGHT LIED. Went to this restaurant for the first time today (Monday, Aug 3, 4pm-ish). It was the only bar in the area and me and my bf just wanted to have drinks on the patio. The host asked if we were having lunch or drinks only, we informed him we only wanted drinks. He then informed us the only seats available were by the bar. On the way in before coming in here, I noticed the patio almost looked like two separate restaurants it was so big, so I asked (word for word), "so there's absolutely nothing available on the patio right now?" he replied, "at this time, no" (no apologies). As we were seated by the bar which was actually nice, it was by open windows so it felt like being on the patio, right away I noticed that there were only a handful of people actually inside the restaurant. On the patio it was busier but clearly not even close to half occupied. I immediately understood that we were being seated here because we were not ordering food and I couldn't believe that the host didn't just tell us that. The outright and obvious lie was insulting and unwarranted and made us feel like second class customers. In the end we paid too much for the drinks, service was inattentive, and our day was ruined by that pretentious lying host! DO NOT GO HERE!!! There is no excuse for this treatment. Their paychecks come from people spending their money to eat/drink and have a good time so a little hospitality is due. At the most basic level, common courtesy is due - you shouldn't make your customers feel unwelcome and you most certainly should NOT tell a ridiculous lie like that.
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Sarah Livingstone Profile Picture
By Sarah Livingsto...
I really love this restaurant. Noticed a big difference in food with very recently staff is wonderful. Only negative is price. $48 dollars for lamb-chops is crazy. This is not Harbord 60. Fish is also very expensive. But room service and lively team (from greeters to bus boys) will keep me coming back.
Posted on July 1, 2014
I am in love with this place! Probably one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. Their Greek salad with sesame covered feta was delicious! How do they get such juicy tomatoes in the middle of this freakin' winter? Amazing! Our group shared one of their whole fresh fish, loukaniko, lemon chicken, Cretan dumplings and lamb, very creative dishes... Definitely worth the trip from Richmond hill. I must say they need some work on their service and some of them need to smile more :) would definitely go back. Trinity Taverna is my favourite Greek restaurant in Toronto.
Posted on January 18, 2014
brian hall Profile Picture
By brian hall

brian hall recommends Paralia

Most unique restaurant in Toronto by far!
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Food is amazing, we had Sara take care of us and the service was great despite the restaurant being rammed! The decor is by far the biggest draw, incredible.
Posted on September 17, 2013
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