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Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W. is a moderately priced cozy Italian restaurant located by Eglinton Ave W and Bathurst St in the Forest Hill and Eglinton West area of Midtown / Uptown. Piazzetta Trattoria specializes in Italian cuisine and features a patio, casual dining, family dining, group functions, open on sunday, extensive wine list, kids' menu, private dining, take out, organic / fresh market in a casual atmosphere
Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W. is also wheelchair accessible
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Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W. The Menu
The Menu

Review: Home-made goodness on Eglinton West

By Jim Bamboulis, reviewed on November 04, 2010

Nothing says Italian like a parked Vespa near the entrance of a trattoria. This was my introduction to Piazzetta, one of the go-to's for many years. In fact, since 1993, Piazzetta Trattoria has attracted both locals and celebrities to their uptown digs. With that kind...

Nothing says Italian like a parked Vespa near the entrance of a trattoria. This was my introduction to Piazzetta, one of the go-to's for many years. In fact, since 1993, Piazzetta Trattoria has attracted both locals and celebrities to their uptown digs. With that kind of success, it's only fitting that a second location opened up. In April 2010, that's exactly what happened. Piazzetta brought its concept of wood burning oven pizza, home-made, oven-baked pasta to charming Eglinton West Village.

A portrait of Sophia Loren, pastel-coloured walls and just the right amount of lighting creates an incredible aura of intimacy. I settle in with my guest, ready to indulge. Our attentive, accommodating server presents us toasted baguette slices, sprinkled with olive oil and rosemary. It's a great start and one that opens my appetite. But I've come to sample what I've heard so much talk about: Piazzetta's famous thin crust, gourmet pizza and home-made pasta magic.

I decide on the Lasagna Al Forno ($15). A look at the portion and I know I got my money's worth. Although it's hardy, it's on the simple side with little fanfare. As for The Calabrese Pizza ($15), it meets expectations. Made with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Calabrese salami, green olives and chili flakes all on a thin crust, it's a fantastic light pie, full of flavour and exactly what I anticipated. Each pizza is presented with a home-made, olive-oil based spread. Slightly spicy, it's a secret recipe. Our server couldn't tell me what the ingredients were; saying only that the owner makes it fresh daily and doesn't tell anyone how he does it. Regardless, this special spicy pesto-like spread made for a perfect addition to our meals.

For dessert, home-made Tiramisu ($6.95) had a kick we didn't care for. Nicely presented and full of promise, it was Amaretto heavy which overpowered every other necessary flavour. Meanwhile, the Tartufo ($6.95) made up for it and then some. Delectable, with melt-in-your-mouth goodness, it satisfied both of our sweet desires.

Price: Reasonable. Dinner for 2 plus tax and tip: $50-$60
Atmosphere: Romantic but laid back, casual
Wheelchair Access: Yes
Reservations: Suggested
Hint: Thin crust, wood burning oven pizza and Oven baked, home-made pasta.
Surprise, Surprise: The Vespa is not always the staple ornament outside Piazzetta. Sometimes it's a red Fiat!

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5 Comments for Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W.

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Angie Nuzzi Profile Picture
By Angie Nuzzi

Angie Nuzzi does not recommend Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W.

Do not eat here. The service is terrible, the food under par & over priced for quality. No one of our party of 12 received what they ordered. The final meal came after everyone was done. It took over 3 hours for our meal to be over. Words cannot explain how disappointed I am with this experience. Never again!
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meg eld does not recommend Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W.

Made a reservation for this place over the phone. Their voicemail message says to leave a message detailing the type of reservation you want, and they will only contact you if there's a problem. We tried to confirm the reservation, but kept getting their answering machine message. We showed up (to celebrate our anniversary by the way) and the place was apparently closed for renovations. How the hell are they supposed to call back to say your reservation can't be made if there's no one working!?!? Change your freaking voicemail message to say you're closed, or post it on your website or do something!! This was ridiculous and ruined my anniversary... We called the manager who said she'd call us back about it when she got home, but never did. Go to one of the locations on Yonge instead. We didn't have a problem with them.
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past  employee  Profile Picture
By past employee

past employee has not yet visited this restaurant.

This restaurant microwaves: lasagna, fish, and Osso Bucco. prepares NO pasta fresh, though advertised as homemade. Makes tomato sauce by opening a can and that's it. Serves frozen salmon, sea-bass, calamari, and canned clams. Re-serves wilted (rusted) salads, and dresses them with PC salad dressings. Its main focus is to serve food quick, cheap and without a care for quality. They will serve zitti instead of penne and assume cx wont know the difference. I lasted four days at this restaurant. I walked out because of the lack of standards. I am Italian and cannot be more insulted. Eating here is a mistake. I was working for free and was not fired. I wanted to learn and was given the chance. I was often told my standards were too high I would pay $0.00 for food. I did, and still only ate there once and only because I cooked my own meal. GROSS!!!! The front of house Mr. P is amazing however! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! At least you can't say you haven't been warned! They reuse the olives people don't eat. WOW!!! just sad.
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peter recommends Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W.

We came here a couple of days ago. We shared a big plate of 'La piazzetta antipasto' that came along with some fresh made 'flatbread' tossed with olive oil and black olives. Everything tasted fresh: the cheese, the veggies, the shrimps... Then we ordered a plate of Lasagna and one of Manicotti. The portions were huge! Fresh house made tomato sauce, that didn't taste like those canned tomatoes; the plates came out of the pizza oven and the mozzarella on top was melted to perfection. We also ordered two glasses of Montepulciano (red wine) that perfectly matched the pasta dishes. The menu was extensive, so the next time we'll have the pleasure to try something else. Service was really good, the server (he looked definitely Italian) helped us and drove us through the huge menu. Will definitely come back!
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linda smith does not recommend Piazzetta Trattoria - Eglinton Ave. W.

There is no wine menu- you either choose a red or a white, that's it. Pasta was mushy and tasteless and pizza was burnt, put that together with poor service. Sent the food back, and left hungry.
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