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Tandoori Flame is located in the heart of Brampton and is one of the biggest Indian buffet-restaurant in Ontario. hey specialize in the popular Indian recipes, such as Butter Chicken, Goat Curry and many vegetable dishes, without compromising authenticity, which means you will find appetizers that are mostly available in the west end of the GTA. Although they feature Indian tastes in the buffet, they have something for everyone; from French Fries and Tandoori Pizza to Fruits and ice cream for the kids. Their newly designed beverage menu is a perfect example to notice, as their goal is to provide their customers with a truly complete experience of dining out.
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Review: An Indian buffet worth exploring

By Adam Waxman, reviewed on January 12, 2009

Indian food warms your body-and what a welcome reprieve from a cold wintery evening. For those of us who are drawn to the exotic spices and curries of India that paint a spectrum of colourful flavours, they've got it all here. It's a perfect introduction for curious...

Indian food warms your body-and what a welcome reprieve from a cold wintery evening. For those of us who are drawn to the exotic spices and curries of India that paint a spectrum of colourful flavours, they've got it all here. It's a perfect introduction for curious foodies-both the adventurous and the tame. Eighty different items, prepared by a team of eight chefs each with their own responsibilities, await discovery.

Six brightly lit rooms, seating a total of 400, surround the northern Indian cuisine buffet tables. Led by gracious and attentive staff to a quiet corner table, we admire the photos and bios of every major Bollywood star that adorn the walls, and then meander through the dining rooms toward the enticing aromas of the kitchen. Kahzana, they tell me, means one pot with lots of things inside it. Entering the culinary heart of the restaurant, gives me the sensation that I am in a vast kahzana.

Although the menu often changes, we are told there are certain staples that remain. At first glance there are many items I simply do not recognize, and whose names are not part of my vocabulary, but no matter how many questions I have, there are plenty of servers around who happily tell me what it is that I'm pointing at, and how best to eat it.

There are ten sections, including non-Indian fare of pizza (including a tandoori option), soup, salad, and dessert. We gravitate toward the Tandoori, and begin from there. The chicken and fish marinated and baked in the vast tandoor, contain all the traditional flavours we expect. Watching the preparation of the naan bread is also a treat. There is a variety of curries, both vegetarian and carnivorous, of goat, lamb, chicken, and spinach. Each provides a tantalizing sample of Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan specialties.

The dishes are relatively mild to accommodate the diverse clientele, and we do appreciate that this is one Indian restaurant that will not leave us cloaked in the smell of curry. We are, however, assured that they can spice it up upon request. What really stands out for me is the Pani puri, literally "water in fried bread", in which we fill the hollow of a crisp fried shell with mint water and a mix of coriander, tamarind sauce, potato, and chickpeas. The preparation alone is fun, and we appreciate the experience. A refreshing thirst quencher and palette cleanser to follow this grand Indian buffet is found in a frothy mango lassi-a tasty blend of mango, yoghurt, ice water, sugar and spice.

Although my heart is telling me "ice cream", my head says "Gulab Jamun". Doughy balls of flour and milk, soaked in a sugary syrup with cardamom and rosewater, are South East Asia's answer to the doughnut. Sweet goodness! Paired with Halwa, a mash of semolina wheat, butter, cashew nuts, raisin, coconut, and sugar water; I could stop by here again just for the deserts.

Located at Dixie and Steeles Ave. Tandoori Flame is quite easily and quickly accessible from downtown Toronto. Within twenty five minutes we were at our table. At $14.99, or $17.99 on weekends, plus tax, this is actually a very good and filling deal. Whether dining in, or taking out, this is the largest selection of Indian cuisine I've ever seen, and truly worth the exploration.

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