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The 905 Lounge is a moderately priced casual Strip bar (adult club) bar located by Bayly St and Brock Rd in the Pickering area of Durham. This bar features events, vip area in a casual atmosphere

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This place is too good. I'm talking about the girls and especially the themes they do here (never see that in any club), sipping on some cold beers while watching the big on demand games? Can never get enough of this place.
Posted on December 29, 2016
Watched the Canada game today, holy **** they put in those 2 giant screens by the stage you wont even know its a rippers anymore! the nake ladys is a plus lol
Posted on December 27, 2016
If I'm going out to watch a game with friends we always opt to go to the 905. The have the hottest dancers hands down.
Posted on November 27, 2016
Why can't there be more clubs like The Nine-O-Five? I'm a single guy living in durham, I bartend for a living. I'm always here each Monday with my boys tho. Bottles are cheap and the entertainment is always on point haha. Favourite way to watch football each week, a lady in the lap and a cold drink in the other.
Posted on November 13, 2016
I now a regular, every wednesday I dont miss it, amateur night contests! Wednesday is very very busy, I made friends with the judges in the contest we go every week. My friend the other judges won tickets for the playoffs game of the blue jays last week and he bring me with him. It was a lot of fun, very nice game, nice seats, we sit with other girls of the 905 lounge. The girls bring us some tshirts to wear for the blue jays and 905 lounge. We lost the game but I will come back for halloween party at 905 this week, 905 is giving prize for halloween costumes $2000,00 money. Say hi to bartender Chantel and thank uu for the tshirt!
Posted on October 24, 2016
I am in love with this place, I've been coming since i was 19. Its a playground for me, hot ladies, cheap bottles = Good Times for me. Best days are Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm a regular, always poppin a bottle of coconut ciroc. There is this one new dancer named India i can't get enough of but most of em are fire trust me.....damn 905!
Posted on October 19, 2016
Came here on Wednesday for one of their amateur night shows, and it was hands down the best amateur contest I've seen. The two hosts are hilarious and kept me and my buddies entertained the whole time. At the night they did a crazy dare and it made the show that more amazing, it was almost like a sexy version of fear factor lol. We had their 5$ wing special and yum, we had 6$ shots all night what can get better than that at a bar? The girls in the show were real amateurs which was surprising and made me want to actually watch. They had their normal dancers also around if you wanted to spend some time with one in the back room (which I did and I wasn't disappointed) Overall I had a blast at the 905 Lounge and I will definitely be coming back in the near future.
Posted on October 15, 2016

Matthew White recommends The 905 Lounge

What a place! The atmosphere is very upbeat and fun. The staff is very friendly and attentive and the most important, the girls WOW!!! On top of beautiful ladies and great shows they also serve food which is out of this world! They have daily food and drink specials. Who doesn't love $5 wings!!! If you haven't tried this place before you're missing out!!! I am now a regular!!!
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Mel Wade recommends The 905 Lounge

Went to this club not knowing what to expect....boy was I pleasantly surprised!!! The atmosphere was amazing, when you think strip club this is what you envision!!! The music amazing, girls beautiful of course and there were tons of them! What surprised me the most was the food...didn't expect to have food there but decided to try a few items off their list...hands down amazing food!!! I would much rather this place than going to a club the atmosphere is upbeat yet relaxed! Found my new place to party!!!
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Best Strip Club hands down, came in on a thursday night and didn't know what to expect. I ended up having the best time, the dancers were amazing and so nice, the food and service was great. Im going to go back tonight to check out their amateur night and awesome 5$ chicken wing special.
Posted on January 6, 2016

Tamara recommends The 905 Lounge

Went with a group of friends not knowing what to expect was kinda shy about it too but let me tell the environment is like a night club felt completely at ease and comfort,the staff is professional and polite, the servers and bartenders are sweet and fast, their food is surprisingly high standard and overall its an amazing club,loved every minute of it. Listen up guys and girls you must check it out you will have a blast and wont regret it. By the way guys the girls are hot.
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This club is truly the best club I ever went to. I went with a bunch of friends for a my buddy's birthday and I could not believe how many beautiful girls there were. I also could not believe how many girls there were in general. THE FOOD WAS AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! The place is absolutely beautiful and it is the biggest strip club I ever went to in my life. The dancers were so friendly and relaxed; they were not pushy whatsoever. The shows were amazing; these dancers could actually dance and actually put on a show. They have featured dancers too which was phenomenal to watch, i could not keep my eyes off of the stage. The waitresses were always ready to serve us drinks at all times, we didn't have to hound a waitress down at any point during the night. It had a very friendly overtone and was very inviting. The manager and staff were also very friendly and treated us like we were actually important guests, I know I have been to many strip clubs and the manager and staff could not care less who walked into their club. Over all, I had a great time and would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. This club was truly the best strip club I ever went to.
Posted on June 29, 2015

Pickering Live recommends The 905 Lounge

Really nice club lots of hot girls
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Vic Geiger does not recommend The 905 Lounge

My son was there for the first time last Saturday and being new, young and slightly intoxicated he became fair game for one of the girl's who lured him to one of the back private rooms and took advantage of him. Next thing he knows he owes her $360 and he can only give her $130. He tries the bank machine at the club but they tell him it's closed for the night and he will have to pay the difference at the bar with his card and that is also a 15% service fee. They didn't even deduct the cash he gave them off the total. He was surrounded by club staff and felt hopeless and intimidated and just wanted to leave the club before he was hurt. Stay away from this place or never be alone. Very unprofessional and what kind of scams are they playing there. A report was filed.
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nasir irtiza Profile Picture
By nasir irtiza

nasir irtiza recommends The 905 Lounge

You are the best in Ontario because of Mr.Robert efforts. He is reallly a gentlemen and all his efforts make the club a Gentlemens club.
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