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I would like to add my own review based upon personal experience from my time at the restaurant. I worked at Izba restaurant on and off for six years, and now work as a teacher in Paris. I would like to say that I have gotten to know the owner very well in my time at the restaurant, and he truly means well in serving everyone who comes through those doors. You do not get through 36 years in the restaurant business without having a passion and love for cooking and serving others, and that is what the owner of Izba Restaurant has plenty of.

The food itself is really quite good and I think anyone who comes for the special pork schnitzel will walk away very delighted and pleased. If you would like to venture away from pork, then the chicken schnitzel, while not as a big of a seller may actually be a bigger hit with customers when they order it. With either schnitzel order comes a generous portion of roasted potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. The borsch, goulash soup, cabbage rolls are all homemade, and will compliment a schnitzel meal wonderfully.

I know that I have only really positive things to say, but that is because ultimately I really enjoyed my time working at the restaurant, and always find myself when I am back in the city going back to catch up with the owner, and it is a pleasure to find that after all of these years that Izba Restaurant stays open and does a great job serving the community of Etobicoke.

January 10, 2017