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The strength of this restaurant is their low price for lunch. We went there a few times four/five years ago, and we also went recently for lunches. Their food quality and quantity is about what everyone expect at this price level. However, their problem continues to be their server. We stopped going there years ago because of one server who wore slippers (what!?), and with poor attitude every time we visited. Years have gone by and we gave them another chance, went again recently, we were happy that server was gone. They now have two ladies as servers. BUT! Then we discovered one of the ladies was constantly sick every time we visited for the last 3 times over a 2 month period. She constantly sneezing, sucking air into her nose to clear the mucus and wiped her nose directly with her fingers. We didn't see her cleaning her hands before serving food. At first we thought she was just sick that day. So we kept coming back a few more times. We saw the same thing EVERY TIME!! This really really really disgusted us and we will never go again ever no matter how good their cook is.

December 05, 2016