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Vic Tee

Member Since: September 13, 2016


****DO NOT EAT HERE*****
I have a hard time believing Izba is still around. They must be paying off the health inspector or just really good at hiding the truth. Also any self respecting European should know this is NOT European or polish fare. How people could actually enjoy the food here I'm astonished, they must be fooled by the beautiful decor of the restaurant but what you see is not what you get...I worked here years ago but quit because morally I couldn't work there any longer. First off the owner isn't Polish, his wife who passed away was Polish & he pretends to be he is actually Arabic. The owner Mark, who's real name is Mohammad does really shady things breaking multiple health&safety codes. He saves half eaten food such as salads and half eaten cabbage rolls & serves it to other customers so DISGUSTING !!! Also the cabbage rolls are made in advance in bulk & sit in the freezer for a loooong time. Nothing is fresh there, the perogie in fact aren't homemade, he buys them from no frills & they are the no name perogie. He buys his "homemade cheesecake" from Costco & most of the soups are from a can. Also another GROSS thing he does....saves people's USED NAPKINS to Pat the grease off the schnitzels how disgusting !!!He Also lies about the schnitzels , he says you can get veal, pork, or chicken when in reality pork and chicken are the only options. so if you think you ordered veal nope that was pork ! And he barely put any meat it's an incredibly thin sheet of meat with thick breading. Also he keeps the tips and does not give them to the servers which is illegal and he hires immigrants who don't know any better so he can get away with treating them like shit. Also he is a perverted old man so watch out if you're a young girl working there..he will hit on you & make offers to go upstairs to his home to "clean" when that's really not the case let's just say he enjoys the company of prostitues..Everything about this place is horrible stay far away !!!

September 13, 2016